St Mary’s & St. Timothy’s Anglican Church
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About Reverend Ethel English
Reverend Ethel has been involved with St. Mary’s and St. Timothy’s for several years and is currently officiating two to three services each month. Reverend Ethel was born in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan and in her late teens, the family moved to British Columbia.  Her father died when she was 3 years old, and She felt God became a very helpful presence and companion in her life. Reverend Ethel’s favourite scripture is Psalm 139, and she especially likes the line saying “before she was born, God knit her together within her mother’s womb, and God knows her every thought”.  She often feels she has never forgotten being with God before she was born.  She was raised Anglican and the church was a very big part of her life. As a young mother of five, Ethel became involved with the Church in many capacities, and in approximately 1985, the Bishop of the Diocese of Cariboo licensed her to become a “Eucharistic Minister” in the Merritt area of BC. She was able to do services and take the reserved sacrament to local communities, along with her husband Jim and three other Eucharistic Ministers.  After a couple of years, the Bishop invited her to a retreat where lay people were to consider a call to ordained ministry.  Ethel surprised herself, feeling the call very strongly. The bishop arranged some training for her within the Diocese itself and Sorrento Centre, and she was ordained to the Diaconate in 1990. In 1994, Reverend Ethel attended the College of Emmanuel and St. Chad.  She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and in 1996 she was ordained and given a two-point parish in Clearwater BC.  After five plus years, God called her to another two-point parish near Kamloops, the parishes in Ashcroft and Savona BC. Reverend Ethel suffered a stroke in 2004 and had to go on long term disability.  The stroke affected her memory, concentration, ability with numbers, vision and balance.  Reverend Ethel was heartbroken when she could no longer fulfill her calling in the Church. In early 2005, Reverend Ethel and her husband Jim moved to Benalto, Alberta to be closer to their youngest daughter Danielle, her husband Darren, and their daughters, Kaitlyn and Kelsey. This has brought her great joy. Late in 2010, after some healing and therapy, the Bishop of the Diocese of Calgary gave Reverend Ethel a writ of permission to take services occasionally in this Diocese, which is how she came to officiating a monthly service at St. Mary’s and St. Timothy’s in Sylvan Lake, as well as a monthly service in Stettler. She is also an Honorary Assistant at St. Leonard’s on the Hill in Red Deer, filling in there and in Lacombe. This has been a joy for Reverend Ethel as she loves to spread the message of God’s redemption and his unending love for people.  She is strongly committed to children, wanting them to know they are loved by God now and forever, to know they will be forgiven anything, as long as they come to God with true repentance.  She feels strongly they should be a part of the service each week, to feel a sense of ownership in the church and of belonging to the Family of God.  Reverend Ethel was told she was the only priest her bishop knew who had the children take part in her induction service as they brought forward the Children’s Bible, presenting it to her, asking her to explain the Bible stories to them and to guide them in their spiritual growth. She was humbled and honoured that the bishop was pleased with this aspect of her ministry. Reverend Ethel always had the support of Jim as he played the guitar and assisted with services. He has now begun to ‘sit in    the pew’ due to arthritis. They both love the   family atmosphere and fellowship at  St. Mary’s and St. Timothy’s, and hope to  continue to be a part of the life of our  wonderful Church family. 
Reverend Ethal English